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Our Story

WE are...

We are the Giese family.


Brendan and Abigail, and our 3 kids, Declan , Ronan  and Avonlea.


We live in a real tiny house on wheels in Chehalis, WA. We love to work our small farmstead and experience the beautiful life around us in the Pacific Northwest. Getting dirty is what the kids do best, and we celebrate it.


We are blessed with the ability to build and grow our business together as a family. The boys love taking turns running the machines and using Daddy's leather tools in the workshop. Momma enjoys embracing her creative side, crafting unique prototypes, utilizing smaller pieces of leather for fashion accents, and makes sure that business obligations aren't overlooked. Daddy gets to turn ideas into a reality. From refining the creative process, all the way to the completed production, his craftsmanship and attention to detail is clearly evident in the products you get to enjoy. Of course, Miss Avonlea does her job of making the shop a little more adorable as well. 

A passion for quality leather work was sparked when a special gift deteriorated. Brendan was gifted a leather wallet from his brother-in-law before he passed away. The wallet held great sentimental value and was thoroughly used and enjoyed. Unfortunately, it was only a couple of years before the leather disintegrated and the stitching fell apart. Because of the low end materials that were used, the wallet was irreparable. This realization was frustrating and disappointing, however it was also very motivating. This was the push to start creating pieces that will last and hold the memories we treasure, in an ageless way. 

Here at Ageless Valor, we prioritize quality, durability, and integrity.


Our mission: To create items that will bring enjoyment for years to come.

Our promise: Should your item have a structural issue or a loss of integrity; if we can't fix it, we'll replace it absolutely free!

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