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This Sasha CC crossbody satchel tote is made of premium full grain leather in grey and purple and a complimentary statement piece of patterned wool. It is a Right hand draw, with a standardtrap length. It is our smallest tote size with a front cover flap. 


The Sasha secretly boasts the ability to conceal your weapon in a unique way, developed by Agless Valor. A magnetic strip, riveted to the interior pocket and covered in thin leather for non scratch. Simply adhering your sidearm perfectly in place and easily removable when is the intent. A top flap with turnlock closure to ensure security, we want you to be comfortable knowing your carry option is safe and acessible. This tote has a cossbody strap to ensure no off the shoulder grabs can happen.



From hide to hand we want our products to carry as much quality and character that we can produce. We strive to make the best product that we can! 

Sasha Satchel Tote - Conceal Carry


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