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Quality Matters

Prior to the crafting process, we believe that quality leather goods require quality leather materials. Any architect will tell you that a good foundation is absolutely necessary to building a successful structure. That same philosophy holds true regarding leather craft as well. Here at Ageless Valor, we source our leather hides from some of the most tried and true tanneries in the world. Most of which are here in the United States of America. From hide to hardware, if it's not quality, it won't be used. 

Pass-Down Durability

Things like "Grandpa's Tool Belt" and "Dad's Wallet" invoke a certain familiarity, an element of sentimental attachment. Leather items that stand as a testament to durability and character. Each one unique and individual to the owner. We aim to create items that will one day carry that same spirit of value. Not a financial value, but a value of unique importance forged through years of use. Leather that develops character, while you develop yours.

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